Shed and Garage Break-ins

There continues to be an increase in the number of break-ins to sheds and garages across the city. Thieves are targeting high value pedal cycles and tools. Additionally food in freezers is also being targeted. Most recent experience of such thefts was in Craigleith and Blinkbonny overnight on the 7 and 8 May 2020.

Police Scotland has issued the following guidance to advise on making your property secure:- 262011/319870/59599/59599_Shed_Security.pdf 262011/319870/59168/59168_garage_and_shed_security_letter_20.doc

Vehicle Security

There has been a slight rise in thefts from motor vehicles in Edinburgh (29 April 2020).      Police Scotland advice on how to prevent these is :-


– do not leave valuable items in the vehicles. Glove boxes and under seats are not secure storage areas

– consider a steering lock as a visible deterrent; and
– avoid parking in dark, secluded areas, choose locations that are well lit and overlooked by houses, passers-by and possibly CCTV Key and Fob

The majority of vehicles are accessed by a combination of traditional key and fob remote. However criminals can block the radio signal between the fob and vehicle using a signal blocker. Pressing your fob and walking away may not therefore mean the vehicle is locked.

You should check the vehicle is locked including checking ALL doors. Use the traditional key to lock up and make sure the key and any spares are stored securely and safely .

Keyless Vehicles

Keyless vehicles automatically lock / unlock depending on the proximity of a key device, usually no bigger than a bank card. The system operates via radio signals passed between vehicle and key device. These signals can however be intercepted by criminals.

Preventative measures include :-
keeping your key device in a faraday pouch which has a liner that prevents items inside receiving or transmitting radio frequency signals
checking doors are locked before walking away
not storing keys near windows or doors; making sure key and spares are stored securely reprogramming the key if you buy a second hand keyless car.