The City of Edinburgh Council issues weekly Planning Bulletins listing new applications and decisions.  As a general practice, the Craigleith Blackhall Community Council does not comment on applications for home remodelling or extensions.

The latest applications and decisions can be found on the Edinburgh Council website.  There is a drop-down menu that lets you search by community council area.

The Planning Portal on the City of Edinburgh website allows searching for information on planning and building warrant applications.  You may examine plans and read application documentation.  If you have any difficulty finding information or want our advice or help with submitting an objection for applications within the Craigleith Blackhall Community Council boundary, you may contact us with the details.


Objections were submitted in January 2022 in relation to the details of the proposed redevelopment and conversion of the former Finance House on Orchard Brae.

In support of local residents, objections were submitted in March 2022 against the demolition of the former care home at 10 Columba Road and the redevelopment of the site with 4-storey building housing 11 flats.


During 2021 the Community Council commented on the draft CityPlan 2030, focussing on flooding issues at Fettes site close to Craigleith Hill.  The proposal to retain Hillhouse Road Woods and the Craigcrook Road horse fields was welcomed.

The Community Council gave support to the local community objecting to the extension of the Drivethru operating hours at McDonalds 74 Telford Road.  Although refused planning permission  by the City Council, a subsequent appeal to the Scottish Government resulted in the decision being overturned by the Reporter and the development approved.

There were problems of noise at the Western General Hospital from the renewal of an air handling unit at Ward 1 close to the rear of dwellings Craigleith Hill Avenue, but despite an objection in support of local residents, the development was subsequently approved by officials.


On 14 September 2020 the Community Council was notified of a Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) and associated documents that were submitted to City of Edinburgh Council for the site adjacent to Orchard Brae House, 30 Queensferry Road, Edinburgh EH4 2HS.  The PAN provides information, in advance of a planning application, on outline proposals for residential development, a new street and a frontage to Orchard Brae.

Below are some of the responses to planning applications that the CBCC has submitted and CEC decision letters for applications that CBCC has commented on :-


June – Craigcrook Castle, Craigcrook Road – proposed care home in the Castle grounds on the site of the former offices and incorporating the stable block.  The site is within the green belt.  Previous application was refused planning permission.

Royal Victoria Hospital site, Craigleith Road   –  Following the site levelling at the Royal Victoria Hospital site, the Community Council understands that there was concern from local Craigleith residents about future development.  As at mid-April 2019, no planning application has been submitted and local residents are expected to be informed in advance through a pre-application notice (PAN).  A masterplan has been prepared jointly by NHS Lothian and the City Council which also provides for the safeguarding of the trees on the Craigleith Road frontage, the subject of a tree preservation order.   Further information on the development principles in the masterplan is available on the NHS Lothian web site :-

February – an application 19/00541/FUL to construct a metal clad, 10 metre high industrial extension at 184-186 Queensferry Road for Baillie Signs.  It has generated 30 objections.

April  –  AMA housing development, Ravelston Dykes Road – the Community Council commented on the application to remove a number of trees from the area.  It had requested the planting of new trees, given the trees on the site were protected by a Tree Preservation Order and the site was also part of the Corstorphine Hill Special Landscape Area.


November –  an application at Hillhouse Road shops for Papa Johns pizzas in premises formerly occupied by La Favorita.

September – following refusal of an earlier application in 2016, a revised design for a house in an infill gap site at 46 Craigleith Road was submitted.  It generated 28 objections from local residents which the Community council supported.  Subsequently refused planning permission by Edinburgh Council.   In February 2019 the applicant appealed to the Scottish Government (Planning and Environmental Appeals Division)(DPEA) against refusal of planning permission.

August –   application 18/04531/FUL : Eight storey residential development of 19 flats with associated amenities (car parking, bike stores, bin stores and landscaping) fronting Queensferry Road on land west of Orchard Brae House 30 Queensferry Road Edinburgh EH4 2HS.  Closing date for objections or comments was Wednesday 12 September.  There were 47 objections to the planning application. 

On 16 October, the applicant, DV4 Properties Orchard Brae Co Ltd of the British Virgin Islands, withdrew the planning application.

December 2018 – A revised application was subsequently submitted in December 2018 for an eight storey residential development of 19 flats on the site west of Orchard Brae House.  There are 46 objections to this planning application on which the City Council still has to make a decision.

July – Hillhouse Road Woods (Queensferry Road  – opposite Blackhall Library) – Planning application  no.18/03216/PPP to develop 4 storey Care Home in woods  – over 50% trees to be removed – 3rd application in 3 years.   Closing date for objections was 3 August 2018, at which date there were 144 objections to the planning application.

On 11 October the Community Council and the other objectors were notified that the applicant, Northcare, had appealed to the Scottish Government (Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA)) about the non decision on their application by Edinburgh Council within the 2 month period.  The decision on the application will now be taken by a Scottish Government Reporter rather than the City Council’s Development Management Sub Committee.   All objections have been forwarded  by the City Council to DPEA.

Update February 2019 – Scottish Government DPEA Reporter dismissed the appeal for a care home at Hillhouse Road Woods  Decision notice – dated 22 February 2019_584027

April – decision to approve 3 houses in former quarry Ravelston Dykes Road

Ravelston Dykes Road Decision April 18

March – Craigleith Road – Proposed housing development at former petrol filling station – Craigleith Rd March 18

January – Proposed Care Home at Craigcrook Castle, Craigcrook Road :- refused planning permission  :- Craigcrook Castle decision Jan 18


December – Telford Road – redevelopment of G4S offices as a Care Home :- Telford Rd Care Home Dec 17

October – Craigleith Road Former Petrol Filling Station   (Application withdrawn November 2017)

August – Craigcrook Rd nursery Local Review Body Aug 17

March – CEC Refusal for Hillhouse Road Woods Care Home

November – Ravelston Quarry New Residential
November – Craigcrook Castle Care Home