Craigleith Retail Park Shops

Have you wondered what shops are going into Craigleith Retail Park?  Wonder no more, we just spoke to the retail park and here’s the plan for all of the construction.

– the unit that used to by Curry’s is going to be divided into 2. Half is going to be a Pets At Home and half of it is going to be a Home Shop. This is An Irish Chain of shops. It will be their first shop in Scotland. These shops will be opening soon

– Bargain Buys has recently closed and was originally going to go into the shop vacated by Argos. This is not going to happen and they have left the Retail Park already.

– Toys R US are moving in before Christmas

– The shop that was Frankie and Benny’s is dividing into 2. The Card Factory and Starbucks are moving in. Again, this should be before Christmas

The Retail Park would like to apologise to anyone impacted by the malfunction of the generator, that became noisy in the night. It is going to be fixed

They are also going to make sure that all the bushes/trees are regularly trimmed.


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